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CAMP's PACs are supported by dedicated members. CAMP members have two levels of commitment to choose from: 1) 49er Club, $49/mo., or 2) Century Club, $100/mo. Century Club members receive a gold pin, recognition on website, reserved seating at all CAMP State Events, special exclusive event at Summer CAMP, quarterly exclusive informational webinar, complimentary registration at State Lobby Day. Join both the Century Club and the 49er Club and receive the aforementioned benefits as well as complimentary registration for Summer CAMP and 50% off membership (applies to individual memberships only).

The list below reflects the current 49er Club PAC Contributors. Use the links at the bottom of the page to learn about each PAC.

CAMP $49er Club Members

Warren Anderson

 Karen Bates

Audrey Boissonou

Kevin Casey

Dana Chahidi

Mike Clark

Dawn Cychner

Tom Cychner

Dale DiGennaro

George L. Duarte

Amy Froehlich

Ken Glaspie

Scott Griffin

Farzad Heidari

Jesse Hernandez

 Jon Kaempfer

Maureen Kilbourne

 Steven Lang

 Anthony Lombardo

Melanie McAllister

Cheryl Mehe'ula

Bill Moore

Nelson Otero

Brett Reichel

Debra Reinhardt

 Rick Reith

Michelle Velez

James Wagner

Richard Wang

 Brian Weide

Frank Williams

 Cindy Wingo

The CAMP PAC is growing and there is a new opportunity to increase your political giving. Join the CAMP Century Club! The Century Club members are rewarded for their participation. Learn about the Century CLUB HERE!

Century Club Members

Theresa Ballard

Karen Aguayo Bates

Dana Chahidi

 Dale DiGennaro

Scott Griffin

 Maureen Kilbourne

Richard Wang

Frank Williams


Read the CAMP PAC FAQ and contribute to the State PAC by selecting the link above.

CAMP Federal PAC

Members are invited to use the link above to learn more about the CAMP Federal PAC.

Contributions to CAMP Federal PAC are non-tax deductible for federal or California tax purposes. Contributions are used for political purposes. Guidelines are merely suggestions, and you may contribute more or less than the guidelines suggest. All contributions to CAMP Federal PAC are voluntary. You may decline to contribute without reprisal. Only CAMP members may be solicited for contributions to our Federal PAC, and only non-corporate entities may make contributions up to $5,000 per calendar year to our Federal PAC. Contributions may not be accepted from federal government contractors, or from foreign nationals unless they are resident aliens (Green Card holders). Campaign finance laws prohibit reimbursing donors for their contributions.    


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