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CAMP is meeting with commissioner Dan Sandri on November 12th to discuss Transitional Licensing, MLDS & AB5, among many other things. If you have any questions, please email Michelle Velez @ michelle.velez@supremelending.com

CAMP will be having a webinar on November 19th to help with guidance regarding AB5

AB1482 : Many of the cities are making changes to adapt to AB1482. We encourage you and your clients to attend your local City Council meetings to stay up to date on this. 

NAMB Lobby Day will be April 17th-21st 2020 in Washington, DC

CAMP Lobby Day will by May 11th-13th in Sacramento, CA

Lobby Day

Topics Addressed this year with state legislators:

        • Housing Shortage
        • Tax Credits for first time buyers
        • First time buyer savings accounts

NAMB Legislative Conference

Topics Addressed this year with federal legislators:

        • Ban or limit trigger leads
        • Consistency in MLO licensing requirements
        • Expansion of protected class to include veterans
        • Expansion of statutory employee definition to include MLOs

In-District Office Visits

Topics Addressed this year in district:

        • California Coastal Commission
        • Rent Control

Working with the Department of Real Estate, CAMP proposed a simplified substitute  MLDS which the DRE approved

As most already know...The California Bureau of Real Estate ceased to exist as of July 1, 2018 and returned to the Department of Real Estate once again.

During the post meeting follow-up, the form below was presented to the DRE Mortgage Loan Activities division and deemed to meet their criteria for an LE Addendum to substitute in place of the standard DRE MLDS (mortgage loan disclosure form).

Group picture

CAMP members Audrey Boissonou, Dale DiGennaro, Michelle Velez and Kevin Casey met with the new Commissioner, Daniel Sandri and his staff. 

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to download this form. 

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Here are the instructions to add the California REL Supplemental Disclosure form to Calyx Point:

  • 1.    Save the form to documents on your computer.
  • 2.    From Point click on Templates.
  • 3.    Click on Import and select the saved form.
  • 4.    Complete the various fields from the drop down list to auto populate from your point file.
  • 5.    Add “Ink It” to the signature lines for e-signing.
  • 6.    You’re Done!

When go to print or “Ink It”, just select from Custom Forms. No need to have the borrower sign a separate MLDS unless you prefer.

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