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Leadership Retreat 2019 Camp

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  • CAMP prepared and presented to the Department of Real Estate Mortgage Loan Activities Division a substitute form for the standard DRE MLDS (mortgage loan disclosure form). The DRE deemed the form acceptable to meet their criteria. CAMP worked to help simplify the broker workload and simplify customer documentation.

  • At State Legislative Day we educated and became a resource for our Assembly members and Senators regarding the current housing crisis in California. CAMP held more than 30 appointments.

             We worked on issues such as:

  •   Tax Credits for First Time low- & moderate-income homebuyers
  •   Homeownership in disadvantaged communities
  •   Rent Control
  •   Accessory Dwelling Units
  •   PACE to require TRID like disclosures to protect the consumers against deceptive non-disclosure costs

  • CAMP has been actively engaged with the California Coastal Commission meetings throughout the state to inform and educate the commissioners regarding the California Coastal Commission Residential Adaption Policy for addressing Sea level rise in local coastal communities. Specifically, the managed retreat policy and blanket deed restrictions.

  •  On a larger scale, federally CAMP was part of the largest delegation from any state and once again attended more than 30 meetings with our legislators.

                 We worked on issues such as:

  •  Protecting Veteran Home Buyers
  •  Protecting Consumers and Originators from Trigger Leads
  •  Protecting Consumers by demanding consistent licensing and education for all   Mortgage Loan Originators.
  •  Fighting for fair tax laws for Mortgage Loan Originators

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