In addition to providing CAMP members with information about state and federal legislative and regulatory developments related to the industry, CAMP advocates for members at the state, federal and executive levels. CAMP's advocacy activities are lead by the Government Affairs Committee Chair and supported by Chapter Government Affairs Chairs through the state. All CAMP members are encouraged to participate in advocacy  at the local, state, federal and executive levels. 

CAMP Leaders represent the mortgage professional community in California while visiting Representative Brad Sherman to discuss federal legislation. 

Scott Griffin (CAMP Immediate Past President), Representative Brad Sherman, Ron Henderson (CAMP GA Vice-Chair), Bill Moore (CAMP GA Vice-Chair)

CAMP Political Action Committee

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Latest news from the Bureau of Real Estate.

2017 Legislative Update

AB 53 (Steinorth) – Personal Income Taxes: Deduction: Homeownership
CAMP Position:           SUPPORT
Location:                     Held in Assembly Appropriations Suspense File (Two-Year Bill)
Amends the Personal Income Tax Law to allow a deduction for contributions to a homeownership savings account.  Provides that a qualified taxpayer may withdraw amounts from a homeownership savings account to pay for qualified homeownership savings expenses.  Provides that any amount withdrawn from that account that is not used for these expenses would be included as income for that taxpayer.

AB 71 (Chiu) – Taxes: Credits: Low-Income Housing
Location:                     Assembly Floor (Two-Year Bill)
Increases, under the Insurance Taxation Law, the Personal Income Tax Law, and the Corporation Tax Law, the aggregate housing credit dollar amount that may be allocated among low-income housing projects and farmworker housing projects.  Disallows a specified mortgage-related deduction under the Personal Income Tax Law.  Provides for allowable credit amounts.

SB 2 (Atkins) – Building Homes and Jobs Act
CAMP Position:          OPPOSE
Location:                     Chaptered
Enacts the Building Homes and Jobs Act.  Imposes a $75 fee to be paid at the time of the recording of every real estate instrument, paper, or notice.  Provides for expenditures for affordable owner-occupied workforce housing, housing for purposes related to agricultural workers and their families, affordable housing, and other housing-related programs.

SB 173 (Dodd) – Real Estate: Bureau of Real Estate
CAMP Position:          SUPPORT
Location:                     Chaptered
Removes the Bureau of Real Estate from the Department of Consumer Affairs and instead makes it a department within the Business, Consumer Services, and Housing Agency.

SB 434 (Galgiani) – Personal Income Taxes: Gross Income Exclusion: Mortgage
CAMP Position:           SUPPORT
Location:                     Held in Assembly Appropriations (Two-Year Bill)
Amends the Personal Income Tax Law, provides for modified conformity to the exclusion of the discharge of qualified principal residence indebtedness from an individuals income if that debt is discharged between certain dates.  Conforms to that additional discharge a provision relating to specified written agreements and the federal extensions.  Limits the amount excludable if the taxpayer is a married individual filing a separate return.

SB 640 (Hertzberg) Taxation
Location: Senate Governance and Finance Committee (Two-Year bill)
SB 640 expands our current sales tax to impose a service tax on services provided in California, including real estate transaction services.  Real Estate services under SB 640 include appraisal, loan origination and brokerage fees, home inspections, Natural Hazard Disclosure (NHD) reports, pest control inspection and repair, title insurance, escrow, and home warranty.

Regulatory Corner

  • CAMP worked hard on behalf of members to get clarification from the CA Bureau of Real Estate around how TRID impacts MLDS requirements.  The BRE issued a statement on Mortgage Loan Disclosure Statement, which you can read here. The bottom line from the BRE: under TRID, the "Loan Estimate" replaces the MLDS and as long as it is signed by the borrower, it meets the requirements of law. Have questions? Contact the BRE: (916) 263-8941.

Grassroots Advocacy Corner

  • Find your representatives: StateCongress
  • Want some tips on how to approach Congressional Staff? Read a great article HERE.
  • Need help scheduling a meeting? Contact Nicole Bautista, Executive Director, at (916) 448-8236
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