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Summer CAMP was a stunning success, and we'd like to thank everyone who attended! We're looking forward to seeing you at SummerCAMP next year!

SummerCamp Destination Coronado 2018 Navigate for Success Logo


Congratulations to all of our award winners for 2017-2018!

The presentation took place at this years Summer CAMP in Coronado. Take a look...

Audrey Boissonou reciving award

 Mortgage Professional of the Year

 Audrey Boissonou 

 Walnut Creek Land Home Financial Services

 Audrey has been a loan originator for many years, chapter president   for East Bay, serves on many committee's for CAMP & NAMB and is   currently incoming president for the state of CA.

T Kevin Casey receiving award

 Associate of the Year

 T. Kevin Casey

 San Francisco Guarantee Mortgage

 Kevin has been a loan originator for years as well as past president of   the San Francisco Peninsula chapter. He is currently serving on the   state executive board as Treasurer.

Rick Reith receiving award

 Affiliate of the Year

 Rick Reith, Novato

 Dryden Capital.

 Rick has been president of the North Bay Chapter multiple years in a   row and now acts as State Board Rep for NB. He is always there to   support & sponsor events.

Caliber Home Loans group picture

Affiliate Company of the Year

Caliber Home Loans

Caliber has always been super supportive of the Broker Channel, committed to our success and steps up to sponsor and serve on a regular basis! Many thanks to all of them!

Bill Moore holding his award


 The inaugural Dana S.

 Chahidi Service Award....

 Bill Moore

 This award was created this year in honor of our friend, Silicon   Valley chapter president and previous state GA Chair who   recently left us far too soon. Dana was a true leader and an   inspiration to all. Bill emulates those same qualities and has   spent several years leading us in Government Affairs.

The presidents award went to those chosen by immediate past president Karen Bates. Bill Moore & Ron Henderson had co-chaired the Government Affairs Committee and Maureen Kilbourne of Caliber Home Loans assisted in an advisory position.

Bill Moore

Bill Moore

Inland Empire Chamber

Maureen Kilbourne

Maureen Kilbourne

South LA Chapter

Ron Henderson

Ron Henderson

Greater Ventura Chapter

Executive Board Group picture

 Thank you to our outgoing executive   board for 2017-2018!

 Karen Bates, president; Dawn Cychner, president elect;   Audrey Boissonou, vp; Leo Whitton, vp; Nelson Otero,   treasurer; Gena Pasquini, secretary; Scott Griffin,   immediate past president

Our incoming executive board for 2018-2019 being sworn in by David Luna.

Dawn Cychner, president; Audrey Boissonou, president elect; Nelson Otero, vp; Gena Pasquini, vp; Kevin Casey, Treasurer; Houtan Hormozian, Secretary; Karen Bates, immediate past president.

Incoming executive board group picture


Monday, July 30th

~ 9:00AM – 9:30AM ~

Your Success Journey Starts Here!

Breakfast with Karen Bates

Karen Bates

Hosted by RCN Capital

~ 9:30AM – 10:20AM ~

CAMP Legislative Updates

A Federal Government Affairs Update 

presented by Cindy Wingo and Michelle Velez, Co-Chairs for CAMP GA

Cindy Wingo  Michelle Velez

Featuring Roy DeLoach,

NAMB Lobbyist

Roy DeLoach

Don't miss this informative session presented by Roy DeLoach, NAMB's Lobbyist, who will provide those in attendance with a DC insider's view of what's happening in Washington, DC. Learn more about important bills of interest and how changes in DC may affect the mortgage industry.

~ 10:30AM – 11:45AM ~

Keynote Speaker: 

Scott Burrows

Sponsored by Caliber Home Loans

Scott Burrows  

As an all-star athlete, Scott played college football at FSU and was a top-ranked kickboxing champion whose last fight was broadcast by ESPN. During the height of his athletic career, Scott survived a horrific car crash, suffering a spinal cord injury that left him paralyzed from the chest down. With singular focus, however, he boosted his recovery using the principles of Vision-Mindset-Grit and eventually found himself competing again—this time in a sport called full-contact wheelchair rugby, aka Murderball.

After graduating from college, Scott qualified for the Million Dollar Round Table in the insurance industry, a 100% commission-driven sales award. At the pinnacle of that career, he was involved in a second automobile accident.

 New injuries forced him to RE-evaluate, RE-invent and once again RE-ignite his life. As a result, he decided to leave an industry he had so much passion for to pursue an opportunity to partner with his brother, who was expanding his golf course fertilizer business into Southeast Asia.

Today, as a keynote motivational speaker and bestselling author, Scott delivers presentations around the globe, sharing his compelling story of tragedy and triumph. His real-life experiences, captivating message of perseverance and eloquent storytelling are sure to leave you spellbound.

~ Noon – 1:30PM ~

Join us for CAMP Officer Installation & Awards Luncheon

Featuring your hosts:

 David Luna
David Luna of Mortgage Educators
 John G. Stevens
John G. Stevens, Current NAMB President

~ 1:45PM – 2:30PM ~

45 Guerrilla Marketing Techniques 

including Current Real Estate Trends 

presented by Scott St John, national trainer

 and VP of Production for American Pacific Mortgage

Scott St John

  • Walk away with dynamic marketing strategies that will help you immediately gain market share with steps-by-step techniques that will impact your pipeline!

FHA Updates 

Presented by Nancy West, Housing Program Officer for the 

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development/Federal 

Housing Administration

Nancy West

  • How can you use FHA’s Disaster Assistance Mortgage (203H) to increase your production and help some of the thousands affected by disasters here in California this year?
  • Do you know the rules for HUD Condos? Are you sure? Clearing up the misunderstandings!
  • There are changes and new requirements for down payment assistance programs coming to Housing Counseling Services. Be informed! Send your borrowers to the right counselors the FIRST time!
  • Ask your questions!  

~ 2:45PM – 3:30PM ~

Capitalize on the Growing SFR Market

& Build Wealth with Private Lending

Presented by Jeffrey Tesch, RCN Capital’s Managing Director

Jeffrey Tesch

With explosive growth in the SFR market and home flipping in the U.S. at a 10-year high, there has never been a better time to expand your product offerings. Private lending offers lucrative options for single-family rentals, fix & flip deals and other real estate investing scenarios that don’t fit traditional guidelines. In this session, Jeffrey Tesch, Managing Director of RCN Capital & Private Lending expert, will teach you how to:

  • Identify profitable solutions for some of your most commonly overlooked leads
  • Leverage fix & flip loans, long-term rental loans, and other private lending products to make more money now
  • Best present yourself and your borrower to a private lender

Freddie Mac Presentation

Presented with Patricia Claproth, 

Affordable Regional Lending Manager (West)

and Tom Smith, Technology Account Manager

Patricia Claproth  Tom Smith

Freddie Mac is proud to announce HomeOne! Are you looking to stand out? 

How about a brand new product that no one is doing yet?

A NEW First Time Home Buyer Program with 3% down and NO income limit option!!!

~ 3:45PM – 4:30PM ~

Emotional Intelligence: The Top Producer’s Mindset

by Richard Lauro, Western Regional Manager and Trainer for Radian

Richard Lauro

  • How to use the awareness of emotions to influence customer and referral partners.
  • Create Stronger Connections!
  • Understand the link between your emotions and what fosters your personal success!

Learn How to Build Your Business 

Today’s Top Strategies and Technologies

Presented by Ginger Bell, respected top sales trainer and best-selling author

Ginger Bell

Whether you are an independent originator, work for retail operation or are a wholesale AE, 

you are responsible for building your brand and business.  And, what you are doing to build 

your business is important!  In today's hyper busy world you have to stand out and position yourself 

as the expert. Join us for a fast-paced workshop on tools you can use to brand yourself, build

 your business and increase your sales. 

Join best-selling author, Ginger Bell as she leads a panel of industry experts featuring 

President of First Funding, Jim Dunkerely, and SVP Wholesale for Finance of America, Terri Buckman,

who will share their top strategies to help you build your mortgage business. 

Ginger’s newest book, “Success Breakthroughs”, which she co-authored with Jack Canfield will be 

released in August, but we are hoping for a “sneak peek” at the convention.  You will want to be sure 

to attend this session to find out Ginger’s biggest secrets to help you build your mortgage business! 

  • Making Quick and Easy “Snackable” Videos to Highlight Your Personal Brand
  • Creating Branding to a Build Solid Referral Partners 
  • Top Media Leveraging Tips to Get Publicity for Your Business
  • Creating Edumarketing that Positions You as the Expert
  • Google, Linkedin and other Social Media Strategies that Work

~ 4:45PM – 5:30PM ~

How to Modernize Your Story for the Digital Age 

(Win more deals with a better sales presentation!) 

Presented by Gibran Nicholas

Gibran Nicholas

  • How to tell a more compelling story that will attract higher quality referral partners, including real estate agents, builders, and financial advisors
  • How to modernize your sales scripts for the new market and convert more sales leads
  • How to improve your sales presentation in ways that make your competition irrelevant, and how to seize hidden opportunities in your market while your competition is pre-occupied
  • How to improve your communication results in one-on-one consultations, group presentations, consumer-direct marketing and strategic partner marketing

Loan Officer Q&A: Let's answer YOUR questions! 

Presented by Guy Schwartz

Guy Schwartz

This is your opportunity to ask questions of a veteran loan originator and trainer. This session is designed for the Loan originator with 5 or less years in the business and will share some of the information from Guy’s Loan Officer Boot Camp Classes! The goal is to have you walk away with answers to those questions that were afraid to ask or perhaps you don’t know who to ask! Even the veteran loan originators have questions! Join us!

~ 5:30PM – 7:30PM ~

Summer Camp Come Sail Away Logo

Network and Party with CAMP

~ *1:30PM – 5:30PM ~

EXPO Hall Open! Visit your sponsors!

Tuesday, July 31th

~ 8:00AM – 9:15AM ~

CAMP Leadership Breakfast

Sponsored by: Freddie Mac

Freddie Mac Logo

~ 9:30AM – 10:15AM ~

13 Key Principles Effective of Time Management 

Presented by Scott St, national trainer and VP of 

Production for American Pacific Mortgage

Scott St

  • Identify ways to perfect your calendar, increase your efficiency, and IMPROVE your earnings!
  • Design Your Day! Don’t be busy, be effective!

TRID 2.0 - See What’s Ahead!  

Presented by David Luna of Mortgage Educators

David Luna

TRID is changing again in 2018 - join us to learn more about what 

these changes mean to the industry, as we highlight: 

• What is new in TRID 2.0?

• Are all questions answered or is there still a "Black Hole"?

• What recently changed with the CFPB's announcement           effective June 1st!

~ 10:30AM – 11:45AM ~

Keynote Speaker: Kelly Resendez

Mastering the Mortgage Industry

 Kelly Resendez

Kelly has more than 20 years of professional growth and success in the mortgage industry. A top producing mortgage originator and loan consultant for the likes of Washington Mutual and Wells Fargo; she now serves as the Executive Vice President of Sales and Business Development for Paramount Partners Group, a residential mortgage lending company.

Before retiring from originating she helped over 2500 families and managed over 100 Referring Realtors®. She continues to speak and impact loan officers with her Foundation to Sustainable Success system.

Kelly credits part of her success to the strategies she has shared in this book and focusing on referral business. She will also tell you she focuses daily on creating more joy and becoming the best person she can be.

The more she has learned on her journey of self-discovery, the more she has seen how the same principles can be used to propel her business forward. This knowledge and wisdom she found in the personal growth world has helped her impact countless loan officers and Realtors® in building their businesses.

In Foundation to Sustainable Success, Kelly enthusiastically shares this knowledge with every loan officer who wishes to grow their business. She is devoted to serving as a leader, as a mentor, and as a resource, offering goal-setting and leadership training that encourages mortgage professionals to excel in their business and better serve the needs of their customers.

~ Noon – 1:00PM ~

Luncheon Presentation: Succeed with Social Media 

Presented by John G. Stevens, NAMB President

John G. Stevens

Learn how to get the most from social media and succeed in business from John G. Stevens, NAMB President. John shows those in attendance how to maximize the tools available on the worldwide web and grow your business by creating a social media strategy.

~ 1:15PM – 2:00PM ~

First Time Homebuyer’s 2018 

Presented by Tina Hanna of Essent

Tina Hanna

Essent, through its exclusive partnership with global research and communications firm Edelman Intelligence, have uncovered rich insights on the 2018 First-Time Homebuyer:

  • The Rise of Social Media and Digital Tools in The Home buying Process
  • First-Time Homebuyer financing knowledge and sources of information
  • The Motivations and deciding factors in choosing lenders, real estate agents, and homes 

Discovering a Proven Process for Converting Every Lead 

Presented by Sarah Federico from XINNIX, Inc.

Sarah Federico

Ready to maximize every lead you receive?

One essential key to lead conversion is having a proven sales process. Consistent success in sales demands a clear, concise, and repeatable process that can easily be tracked, adjusted and personalized. By approaching every lead in the same manner it is easier to identify what Loan Officers are doing right and where there are opportunities for improvement.

In this session, Loan Officers will:

 Discover two key components that contribute to maximizing lead conversion

• Learn a Proven Sales Process that provides a plan to turn hot leads into new customers

• Learn a process for presenting transaction details clearly and concisely

• Uncover a method for successfully overcoming objections throughout the conversation

A Loan Officer’s ability to convert leads serves more than the obvious purpose; increase production. It increases their professionalism in the eyes of customers and referral sources.

~ 2:15PM – 3:00PM ~

How to Grow Your Business 

using Down Payment Assistance

Presented by Molly Ellis of CalHFA

Molly Ellis

Did you know that CalHFA has issued 16 Official Bulletins just this year?
Catch up on the changes and find out how YOUR production will increase using down payment products.

Let's put more families in homes!

Understanding the Self Employed Borrowers Income

Presented by Richard Lauro, Western Regional Manager and Trainer for Radian

Richard Lauro

    • Review K’1s  for Partnerships and S Corporations
    • Understand What Liquidity is and When are a Liquidity Test needs to be performed
    • Review Liquidity Tests

    ~ 3:15PM – 4:00PM ~

    What’s New for 2018 in Non QM?

    Panel moderated by Fred Arnold

    Fred Arnold

    Featuring the following panelists:

    Eric Morgenson
    Eric Morgenson
    Angel Oak
    Rick Reith
    Rick Reith
    Dryden Capital
    Danny Horanyi  
    Danny Horanyi
    Austin West   
    Austin West
    Fund Loans
    Will Fisher   
    Will Fisher

    VA Updates

    Presented by NAMB VA Chair and US Navy Radar Intercept Officer, Ken Bates

    Ken Bates

    What is ahead for VA financing in 2018/2019?

    • New Rules for IRRRLs
    • Lots of guideline changes and updates including new credit and income guidelines.
    • Overhaul of the VA Condo process

    ~ *9:30AM – 4:00PM ~

    EXPO Hall Open! Visit your sponsors!

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