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Southern Los Angeles County Board of Directors 

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The Southern LA Chapter Board of Directors meets on the first Wednesday of each month and holds its general meetings on the second Wednesday of each month.                          You may also view and download registration forms from the interactive event calendar. For the latest updates, follow the chapter's                                              Facebook page :

President Maureen    K. Reynosa  949.836.9006
Past PresidentManny  310.887.1342
State Representative 714.373.5700
Treasurer Ken 213.422.6846
Secretary Melinda Marin  310.218.6085
Government Affairs Michelle Mencarini  949.616.9094 
CommunicationsChristy Mindell 949.939.3116 
Director at Large Nelson  Otero  714.373.5700 
Director at Large  Ken  Glaspie  213.422.6846 
Director at Large Manny Morales  310.887.1342 

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